Fuel efficiency
Fuel efficiencyFuel efficiency

Discover Fuel-efficient Outboards

All Suzuki four stroke outboards, from the portable DF2.5 to the award-winning power of the DF300AP, provide clean and fuel-efficient operation without sacrificing on performance.

We know that fuel efficiency is becoming increasingly important to boaters, which is why we’ve created our own Lean Burn Control Technology to maximise engine efficiency and allow you more time on the water.

First introduced on the DF70A, DF80A and DF90A in 2008, this proven technology is now included on all models from the DF15A to the new DF200A/AP as well as the DF250AP and DF300AP.

Our Lean Burn Control Technology allows the engine to run on a more efficient fuel mixture through the use of a lean air-fuel ratio. A normal petrol engine will run with an air fuel ratio of 14.7:1, whereas a Lean Burn system can increase this as high as 19:1, which is a significant increase in efficiency. The Lean Burn process requires fuel to be injected into the cylinder at a precisely controlled rate and volume with a richer air-fuel mixture at the start of the injection cycle, assisting ignition, to a weaker one at the end.

This creates a longer burn time and a more controlled explosion of the fuel, over the full downward stroke of the piston. This in turn means that there is power over the whole combustion stroke and subsequently a more efficient and complete burning of all the fuel available; leading to more power for less fuel and less emissions.

We have included on this page some data sheets from various boat tests that we’ve done, which you can download and see for yourself how frugal our outboards really are.


For more information or to arrange a demonstration, contact your nearest dealer or boat builder.